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Bryan Johnson

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My Story

Personal Training with care and compassion that delivers results.  


Bryan spent over 20 years in NYC before recently moving to LA where he has quickly adapted to the LA lifestyle and loves spending time outdoors with his family.  He became a personal trainer through his own journey of a lifetime of physical activity and wanted to bring the benefits of strength and fitness to other people. He uses strength training and conditioning to help clients reacquaint themselves with their bodies, engage in their unique capabilities, and maximize their capacity. Improving one’s daily life is Bryan’s ultimate goal

You can expect: 

-Personalized programs tailored to helping you accomplish your goals.

-Custom warm ups and recovery work.

-Thoughtfulness beyond the session.

-Continuous feedback on form and technique. 

-Structured sustainable lifestyle habit formation.

-Motivation, accountability, and support in and out of the session.


Bryan was most recently general manager and personal trainer at Uptown Movement in Upper Manhattan. He is a NASM certified personal trainer and a PPSC Specialist.

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