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WRK Personal Trainer in Sherman Oaks

Personal Training in Sherman Oaks

WRK Fitness Gym Studio specializes in personal training and individualized wellness and regenerative therapy.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is a method of exercising that involves working with a certified fitness trainer in a one-to-one capacity. The trainer provides personalized workout routines based on a person’s individual fitness goals and overall physical wellness. Personal workout routines could include strength training, functional workouts, weight loss exercises, or metabolic training.

What are the Different Types of Personal Training?

There are several ways to train your body into the desired body shape or for the overall improvement of wellness and health.  Here are the most popular personal training methods: 


Strength training uses your body weight or equipment to help form and build muscles in specific areas of the body.

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Kettlebell Workout in Sherman Oaks


Functional training focuses on strengthening large groups of muscles to improve better performance and movement for everyday activities.

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Functional Trainer in Sherman Oaks
Metabolic Training at WRK Fitness Studio


Metabolic training is a combination of high-intensity exercises with compound movements in short and quick intervals to promote a faster metabolism.

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cardio training in sherman oaks


A combination of cardio and strength training for a fully comprehensive workout session with cardiovascular exercises to burn calories and strength training to help shape and tone the body.

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What are the Benefits of Personal Training?


Working with a certified personal trainer on a 1:1 capacity can help you achieve your fitness and body shaping goals at a faster rate by working with a qualified professional who provides guidance, proper technique, motivation, and accountability.

Benefits of working with a fitness trainer: 

  • Accountability for yourself and for your fitness goals

  • Customized workout sessions

  • Specialized focus areas of improvement

  • Knowledgeable exercise guidance and instructions

  • Lower risk of exercise injuries

  • Forms healthy habits and routines

  • Partnership with a shared goal

How Do I Pick The Right Personal Trainer?


Before signing up to work with a personal trainer, it’s essential to schedule a consultation prior to your first session. A consultation will help you get a feeling and idea of their personality, learn about their origin story, ask about their personal training philosophy, and how they envision helping you reach your fitness goals.

Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer: 

  • Are they certified? With which organization? 

  • How long have they been training?

  • Who has recommended them?

  • What is their philosophy for fitness training?

  • What do they value most when working with a client?

  • Where have they previously worked?

Private Training at WRK Fitness Studio in Sherman Oaks

Every client has their own objective for their fitness journey. A personal fitness goal that can only be achieved with a customized workout plan. Connect with a certified trainer at our WRK Fitness Studio where we serve clients from Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, and Calabasas. Consulting with a personal trainer will listen to your fitness goals to create a workout plan designed to support your ideal results in a realistic timeline.

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