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Private Functional Training Gym in Sherman Oaks

WRK Fitness Gym Studio specializes in personalized workouts for functional training.

What is Functional Training?

Fitness training focuses on strengthening large groups of muscles or target areas to improve better performance and movement for everyday activities, like lifting a heavy object or getting up easily sitting. The types of exercises for functional training mainly use your body weight to strengthen muscles and build stamina.

Some examples of functional exercises would include: 


  • Planks

  • Squats

  • Step-ups and step-downs

  • Inclined chest lifts

Some exercises may incorporate light weights or suspension ropes, like TRX.

functional training in Sherman Oaks

Functional Training vs. Weight Training 

The goal of functional training is to improve the body’s mobility, balance, core stability, and overall strength to help perform everyday tasks. The development of lean muscle mass is not the main objective but a result of consistent workouts. 


With weight training or strength training, the focus is to intentionally build muscles in specific areas to help shape and tone the body. 

How Does Functional Training Help? 

Functional training focuses on strengthening large groups of muscles or improving the movement of a particular activity. Here are a few overall benefits of functional training: 

  • Strengthen the core and promotes stability 

  • Maintain overall balance

  • Lowers risk of injuries from common activities like lifting or carrying  

  • Strengthen muscle groups such as the back, arms, and legs

  • Improve fluidity and movement for everyday activities and tasks

Who Can Benefit From Functional Training?

Anyone can benefit from functional training depending on their fitness goals and timeline. Functional training can be incorporated with other methods of training or the primary focus for the overall improvement of mobility and full-body strength. Examples of ideal functional training candidates: 

  • Clients 50 years or older

  • Recovering from a sports-related injury or fall

  • A person with a lower BMI than recommended

  • Clients looking to improve overall health and wellness

Who Can Benefit From Strength Train Personal Training?

Almost anyone can benefit from strength training or adding this form of exercise to their workout routine. You don’t have a lot of muscles or any muscles to begin strength training, the goal is to build endurance and power over time. 


People who could benefit from strength training: 

  • Older adults

  • Runners, swimmers, cyclists

  • Pre-natal women

  • People looking to get toned 

Llifting Weights

1:1 Strength Training in Sherman Oaks

If you are looking to tone and shape particular areas of your body it’s essential to have a workout routine that is personalized to achieve your ideal body shape goals. Connect with a trainer at WRK Fitness Studio, serving clients from Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, and Calabasas.


They will help create a customized workout plan designed to support your ideal results in a realistic timeline.

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