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metabolic training in Sherman Oaks

Personal Metabolic Training in Sherman Oaks

WRK Fitness Gym Studio specializes in 1:1 metabolic training sessions with a personal trainer. 

What is Metabolic Training?

Metabolic or resistance training is a combination of high-intensity activities in short periods which are called circuits. A metabolic circuit includes maximum physical effort with compound movements (using different muscle groups at one time) that are timed for short and quick intervals. 


The compound exercises in metabolic training create a greater level of efficiency by targeting several body parts and muscles simultaneously. A good example of a metabolic exercise is swinging a kettlebell and performing a squatting movement.  

equipment for metabolic training

What are the Benefits of Metabolic Training?

The goal of metabolic training is to maximize the power and effort in a short amount of time with exercises focusing on different areas at once to burn fat while building muscles. This method of training is an efficient way to burn energy and calories at a high rate while producing an “afterburn”, which is when your body continues to burn calories after working out — a rise in the metabolic rate. 


Metabolic Training vs. Weight Loss Training

  • Metabolic training involves exercises combining several muscle groups at a high level of intensity with repeated intervals, called circuits.

  • Weight loss training focuses on isolated areas of the body or dedicated workout sessions to raise the heart weight, like running on the treadmill. 

  • Weight loss training doesn’t prioritize the intensity of the workout, instead focuses on the overall combination of cardiovascular exercises and strength-building movements collectively as a whole. 

Is Metabolic Training the Right Work Out for You?

Metabolic training conditions the body to exert maximum intensity while performing several movements and weight lifting exercises at once. To ensure optimal results, combining the right exercise together will be key and maintaining the proper form and stance while in motion. 


It is recommended to work with a personal trainer who can provide exercise direction and guidance to maximize the efficiency of a metabolic workout to achieve your ideal body shape and weight loss goals. 

Metabolic Training in Sherman Oaks

Consult with a Certified Personal Trainer at WRK Fitness Studio 

​Every client has different objectives for their fitness journey with a personal goal that can only be achieved with a customized workout plan. Connect with a trainer at our WRK Fitness Studio where we serve clients from Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, and Calabasas. Consulting with a certified personal trainer, they will create a workout designed to support your ideal results in a realistic timeline. 

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