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strength training at wrk fitness studio

Strength Training in Sherman Oaks

WRK Fitness Gym Studio specializes in 1:1 training for weight or strength training.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training, also known as weight training, involves using your body weight or equipment (e.g. weight machines, dumbbells, resistance bands, or ropes) during an exercise routine to help form and build muscles in specific areas of the body. 

Are There Different Types of Strength Training? 

There are several different methods of strength training to help build muscles and gain endurance by using fitness equipment or your bodyweight. 

Here is a list of the different methods of strength training: 

Different Methods of Strength Training: 

  • Muscular building- the use of moderate to heavyweights in continuous repetition.

  • Muscular endurance- using lighter weights or bodyweight with high repetitive movements to build the muscle’s tolerance of exercising for a period of time. 

  • Circuit training- includes a series of movements with weights that are repeated without many breaks in between each exercise.

  • Explosive power- typically used for athletic training to improve power output. The body is conditioned to endure maximum output in short spurts by using exercises and movements incorporating speed and effort.

Strength Training vs. Weight Loss Training?

The goal of strength training is to build and tone muscle mass in particular areas of the body. With strength training, there isn’t a focus to burn as many calories as possible within a session but to fatigue the muscles with repetitive moves to form muscle mass. 


Strength training still burns energy and calories, but at a slower rate than cardiovascular (cardio) exercises found in weight loss training. With strength training, it promotes an increased metabolic rate, also known as the “afterburn” which is a continuous burn of calories when your body is resting. 

lifting weights for strength training

What are the Benefits of Strength Training? 

  • Promotes overall body strength 

  • Improve overall mobility and core stability

  • Improves your metabolism by increasing your metabolic rate 

  • Lowers risk of injuries from common activities like lifting or carrying  

  • Forms muscle mass and leans out fat for a more toned look

  • Supports better overall performance in cardio exercises like running, swimming, and cycling.

Who Can Benefit From Strength Train Personal Training?

Almost anyone can benefit from strength training or adding this form of exercise to their workout routine. You don’t have a lot of muscles or any muscles to begin strength training, the goal is to build endurance and power over time. 


People who could benefit from strength training: 

  • Older adults

  • Runners, swimmers, cyclists

  • Pre-natal women

  • People looking to get toned 

Llifting Weights

Strength Training

Strength training uses your body weight or equipment to help tone and build muscles in specific areas of the body and promotes a faster metabolism.

Barbell Weights
Older Man Weight Training

Strength Training with a Personal Trainer

The most effective results from strength training are based on proper form and body stance while in movement. Achieving proper form takes practice and consistency over time. 


However, working with a certified personal trainer could help fast-track a person’s form for strength training. A trainer has knowledge of the different muscles in the body and how they can be activated. 


For example, there are 24 muscles in the arms alone, a certified fitness trainer can provide proper strengthening exercises to activate particular muscles in a specific area you are wanting to see take shape.

1:1 Strength Training in Sherman Oaks

If you are looking to tone and shape particular areas of your body it’s essential to have a workout routine that is personalized to achieve your ideal body shape goals. Connect with a trainer at WRK Fitness Studio, serving clients from Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, and Calabasas.


They will help create a customized workout plan designed to support your ideal results in a realistic timeline.

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